Reaching Out Workgroup

Potomac River Basin Drinking Water Source Protection Partnership

This workgroup informs and educates the public and water professionals about DWSPP activities and initiatives and supports the activities of the other workgroups. The workgroup also produces outreach materials and conducts activities to help move DWSPP toward its goals.

Workgroup Objectives

  • Collaborate with DWSPP workgroups to promote and educate outside stakeholders on their activities and projects.
  • Develop tools to effectively communicate the value of DWSPP.
  • Identify agencies that would benefit from DWSPP membership; expand DWSPP membership.

Annual Reports

The Reaching Out workgroup produces the annual report. The report includes a summary of what DWSPP and the workgroups have accomplished over the past year. These documents can be found on the Reports and Organizational Documents page.

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