About Us

A special effort for a basic need


The Partnership is a voluntary association of water suppliers and government agencies focused on protecting sources of drinking water in the Potomac River basin. This coalition of water utilities and management and regulatory agencies enables a comprehensive approach to protecting raw water supplies in the basin.

Through quarterly meetings, focused work groups, and topical information sessions, the Partnership is identifying a strategy for carrying forward source water protection. This strategy builds on the source water assessments that were prepared throughout the basin. The Partnership has approximately 25 member organizations.

Where is the Potomac River Basin?

The Potomac River basin stretches across parts of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia, as well as the District of Columbia. Encompassing 14,670 square miles, it includes all of the land area where water drains toward the mouth of the Potomac.

Learn more about the Potomac watershed from the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin.

What is Source Water Protection?

Source waters are the streams, rivers, lakes, and groundwater resources that supply drinking water. Source water protection encompasses actions taken to prevent or minimize contamination of these resources before the water arrives at a water utility’s treatment plant.

Learn more about source water protection practices that can help protect sources of drinking water in the Potomac basin.

Learn more about source water protection from the Environmental Protection Agency.

How is the Partnership responding to challenges in providing a reliable and safe supply of drinking water?

Unique and complementary technical, operational, and regulatory expertise helps to identify challenges, assess priorities, and address issues. The following priority issues have been identified: